Thursday, October 13, 2011


    I think this impressionism is a very relevant subject for those short gloomy days and long dark evenings of autumn, which unquestionably and unrelentingly knocked on our door.
I personally discovered it recently, which may seems bizarre or as if I'm from another planet because apparently it's everywhere. It's the most widely known art movement, because it's so commercialized, that changed the perception and function of art... well to be honest creativity began with impressionism.

   I myself wasn't sure where the big deal was, impressionist paintings look pretty and are pleasant to look at, but  was that enough to be a such a remarkable a highly valued art movement? I couldn't see the real , breathtaking painting skills.

  My mistake couldn't be bigger. If we take into consideration that all art before Impressionist came to this world looked like this: 

and along those lines, that may show why impressionism was such a vision and in some way rebellion.
Most of the impressionists attended elite art schools, where artistic education was very restricted. There were very clearly set out expectations that every student had to grow up to, and in fact the where the group of students was leaving a school they all had similarly shaped perspectives and perception and produced nearly identical art. 
    However, there were few individualistic characters that were inspired by the simplest things, they believed that art should be joyful and that more important was capturing the fleeting feeling and atmosphere of moment rather then precision and details. 

   Monet, the most famous of impressionists, was fascinated for example with the Industrial Revolution that was taking place in Paris. His painting weren't appreciated and he met a lot of obstacles on his way and cruel criticism by the rulers of the old salon art system. 

Therefore when you look at an impressionistic painting you have to look beyond the simplicity of it. The play of color and just an atmosphere, which is the main focus of this ground breaking movement. 

Berthe Morisot - Child among Staked Roses 1881

JMW Turner


Pierre August Renoir

Camille Pissarro


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