Saturday, April 23, 2011


Bows have been introduced as a symbol to how fragile the life is and how quickly it can unravel, however in fashion their status is pretty strong. In fashion history woman's clothing have been adored with bows being places literally from head to toes. From bow headbands , through handbags, bracelets and shoes.They are one of the most iconic pieces and are consistent on the catwalk throughout the decades. Bows have become a signature piece for many designers, from Chanel's traditional version to Betsey Johnson's more updated version. Because of my own little crush on bows it strongly leads me to Chanel being one of my favorite fashion houses, but about that later ;) Personally my crush on bows mainly translates to headbands and fastening ribbons in a bow around the waist line. They also look great under the collars, possibly with a brooch :) But honestly they look just great everywhere, so you can throw them wherever you feel like.

It's a advert that I've seen in recent Vogue, which just made my jaw drop down to the floor. It's a pure quintessence of why bows are such a phenomenon.The bow emphasizes Natalie Portman's  spectacular beauty. Bow headbands give you that delicate feeling and finish to the complete look.

This is and expample of how diverse the use of bow can be, you're only limited by your own imagination. This is a watch from Betsey Johnson. She also have used bows as her signature but did it more modern a little bit immature and fun-like way ( as she always does ) . I fell in love with that watch immediately, for me it's a ultimate winner, making Betsey Johnson come on my list of regular designers to check out.

Above we have an examples from a designers using bows in their creations, all of those are kept with the traditional purpose of the bow, creating that girly almost innocent feel to the gown. The red shoes are from Salvatore Ferragamo, the same type of bow appears on every shoe from him, which I find just adorable, however Ferragamo bringed bow to the Italian, designing it that way so it fits the stylish working woman profile and more formal edge to it, with much cleaner and straighter cuts.

So girls whenever you add a bow to your outfit to soften the look, or you center the look around the bow, embracing the ballerina natural look, or if you play it more edgy with leather or strong colors... it will always look good ! :))


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