Saturday, May 7, 2011

Joshua Demonte

Joshua Demonte is a jewelry designer that takes his inspiration from architecture.Architecture is a famous and very common source of inspiration when it comes to fashion, however Joshua takes in on a whole new level, generally architecture based designs consist only of basic shapes not so many details. He translated a beauty of building nearly literally with a great amount of details. It's a dear to wear.

 I'm fully aware that fashion is not only clothing for purely basic need, it's art even more then art, it's a lifestyle. It's about acknowledging all the rules of it in order to break them, and it's accomplished here. However when it comes to me thinking about wearing staircase around my neck I think I would have second thoughts, don't think I'm that brave, but I would adore people who have, cause those pieces of jewelry are outstanding.

Don't you think some it is in fact wearable? Like them bracelets ? They are kind of adorable in their way, but I'm just trying to think what kind of outfit would it go with ?


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