Thursday, April 28, 2011


Now , another movie inspired post :)
This one comes from Beastly, which I was quiet reluctant to see because of Vanessa Hudgens ( think I don't have to explain ) but I really liked the story line :) Anyways, the star of the movie for me was Mary Kate Olsen, which played a witch and her outfits were just outstanding :) She was perfectly styled, dark and dramatic and straight-from-the-catwalk like :)
Unfortunately this is the only picture of her that I could find :(

I've searched through catwalk propositions of this dark almost Halloween look and this is what catched my eye the most. 
+ nearly all of these are from Fall, therefore it looks like black is the way for next season :) which makes me really happy, black is my favourite colour when it comes to clothes:)

Jean Paul Gaultier

Oscar de la Renta


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